With 3 plush bedrooms equipped with all modern amenities and ensuite bathrooms, you'll feel right at home!

Living Room

Living Room

Walk into a living room with satellite TV, an audiophile grade home theatre system, and the most comfortable furniture ever. This really is living it up!

Second Bathroom


The luxury at Villa Nine is not just cement-deep! Each bedroom contains an ensuite bathroom with the highest sanitation standards at all times, so your experience is amazing all through!


Fun in the Sun

Come home to your very own private swimming pool, jacuzzi, and a beautiful lawn that stretches for as far as you can see!



Go on to have some fun running around kicking a ball on the most picturesque lawn around. Or just sit in one of the balconies and enjoy the view, we'll leave that to you!


Chill Place

Villa Nine has lots of places to just sit down and unwind. Whether that's with a hot cup of tea and a good read, or a nice cold drink and some great music, we'll let you decide!

Jacuzzi to Facade view


You have - at your disposal - your very own private jacuzzi, which, when accompanied by the right music, is all sorts of amazing!



Set in the Sayadhri hills, Villa Nine is located in an amazingly picturesque location, where you can let go of everything and literally just chill.



Of course, we won't let your precious vehicles perish at the hands of the elements; Villa Nine is equipped to comfortably house all your vehicles in a covered and locked parking at all times.

The Staff

We take pride in our staff and their efforts to make your experience one that you will remember till your next visit. They are trained to handle within limitation your requests, and all sorts of minor emergencies.